Donate Funds

donationjarMany existing food banks operate on a small, localized basis and are staffed entirely by volunteers. While they are very good at identifying and supporting people who are in need, most food banks are heavily dependent on monetary and food donations from their local areas. This is true of us.



Our aim is to bridge the gap between the families who can’t afford to feed themselves and their families and the daily cost of living, all by showing the love of Jesus. But we can’t do this without the help of the local community.

Due to more people being affected by benefit cuts, unemployment, rising food prices, and the additional cost with school starting back, pressure to operate well has been increasing at an alarming rate. During the winter months, many parents will have to make the difficult choice between heating their homes or feeding their children. This is not a decision that any family should have to make, so please consider donating today to help us make a stand against food poverty in Kilgore.

Helping Hands Of Kilgore